Researcher in knowledge representation, semantic web, and knowledge engineering
"Making the Semantic Web formalisms and technologies accessible to the Web of Things"

Main research projects

  • Bilateral research convention between Connected-Intelligence and ENGIE R&D (2016-2017)
  • ITEA 2 SEAS (Smart Energy Aware Systems) project (2014-2016) - website
  • Open Sensing City ANR Project (2016-2017) - website

selected research items:

  • The SEAS ontologies: modularized and versioned OWL 2 DL ontologies developed for the ITEA 2 SEAS project: (> 30 modules, > 300 classes, > 300 properties). See for instance:
  • SPARQL-Generate: an extension of SPARQL 1.1 to generate RDF from an RDF dataset and a set of documents in heterogenous formats. Our current open-source implementation on top of Apache Jena generates RDF from documents in XML, JSON, CSV, HTML, CBOR, plain text, ...
  • Lindt: Supporting Arbitrary Custom Datatypes in RDF and SPARQL
  • RDF Presentation and RDF Presentation negotiation:
    • An ontology to describe RDF graphs and how they can be validated or presented as documents;
    • Some principles for a web where clients and servers can use their preferred format, while letting the other party the possibility to fall back to the RDF world;
    • An first implementation of these principles in an extension of Java Jersey;
    • A demonstration of this implementation and the principles.
  • Process Execution Platform:
    • An ontology that extends the the Semantic Sensor Network ontology and the Semantic Actuator Network ontology cores;
    • Specifications for a platform that exposes expose process executors on the Web in a RESTful way;
    • An implementation of these specification on top of Java Jersey and Apache Jena, that eases the life for developers;
    • A demonstration of this implementation.
  • A Java library to check the quality of modularized and versioned ontologies, to automatically generate their documentation as HTML, and to expose them as a Java Web applications in conformance with the Linked Vocabulary best practices.
  • An extension of MediaWiki to edit and host Linked Data vocabularies, that has been used to edit the ontologies for the ITEA 2 SEAS European project
  • PhD: Representation of the Meaning-Text Theory Lexical Semantics, and development of the Unit Graphs knowledge representation formalism


  • Chaired a track at IEEE CIASG'16
  • Chaired one of sessions NLP and Information Retrieval at ESWC 2016
  • Program committee for SEMANTiCS'17, EPIA'17, IC'17, EGC'17, COLD'17, SEMANTiCS'16 Poster and Demo
  • Reviewer for the Semantic Web Journal, IOS Press, 2017
  • Reviewer for EGC'17 (2), WWW'16 (1), ESWC'16 (2), FOIS'16 (1), ESWC'15 (1), COLD'15 (1)
  • Participate to bilateral, national, and European research projects
  • Participate to W3C groups: mostly Spatial Data on the Web Working Group, Linked Building Data
  • Negotiated a research contract with an industrial partner and financed my position with these funds, among other.
  • hired and supervised interns
  • organized a Knowledge Engineering Workshop (43 participants, 3 days) - see the lectures on, the report