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IMT - MINES Saint-Étienne - Institut Henri Fayol
Member of Laboratoire Hubert Curien - UMR CNRS 5516
158 cours Fauriel – CS 62362
42023 Saint-Étienne Cedex 2 – France
Inspiring Innovation - Since 1816

Advised Ph.D.

  • Edison Chung 2020-2023 - Interoperability in Decentralized Goal-Directed Building Asset Management System. Co-advisors: Olivier Boissier.
  • Gabriel Martins Lopes Cavalcante 2020-2023 - Semantic Interoperability in the Constrained Semantic Web of Things. Co-advisors: Flavien Balbo, Antoine Zimmermann.
  • Yousouf Taghzouti 2020-2023 - Semantic Content Negotiation for Knowledge Interchange among Heterogeneous Systems. Co-advisors: Mireille Batton-Hubert, Antoine Zimmermann.
  • Omar AlQawasmeh 2016-2020 - Towards A Collaborative Framework for Ontology Engineering: Impact on Ontology Evolution and Pitfalls in Ontology Networks and Versioned Ontologies. Co-advisors: Pierre Maret, Antoine Zimmermann (google scholar profile, thesis subject)

Current research projects

Past research projects

  • Leader of the ETSI Specialist Task Force 578: Specification of the SAREF development framework and workflow, and development of the Community SAREF Portal for user engagement (2019-2020) - website
  • Leader of the ETSI Specialist Task Force 556: Consolidation of SAREF and its community of industrial users, based on the experience of the EUREKA ITEA 12004 SEAS project (2018-2019) - website
  • Open Sensing City ANR Project (2016-2018) - website
  • Bilateral research conventions with ENGIE R&D (2016-2017;2017-2018)
  • ITEA 2 SEAS (Smart Energy Aware Systems) project (2014-2016) - website

Selected research items: